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Infinity, trapped in the Saturn Cube Matrix


See the infinty symbol in that Matrix 4 screenshot? That's on purpose.

Not going to bother trying to say this video is true, but it does partially resonate with me.

I can point out that many of David Icke's words have proven true over time, and he's infamous for believing in Reptilians but actually makes a ton of sense if you give him a chance.

The guy making the video even shows a short film with an actor I love from the movie "These Final Hours", and the drone footage has a triangle and then 117 at the bottom.

Also the halo in my triangle is tied to heaven but also the game Halo with Master Chief as Spartan 117 so it's all synching up in this amazing way.

My book of Elam talks about the connection of Elam and Neo, and this guy in the video is making the case that we are in the matrix right now, and it ties into the hollow earth video I posted below. It's all coming together and making more and more sense to me.

In the Matrix 4 when Neo is fighting the new Agent Smith, also a favorite actor of mine from Mindhunter, and the blonde girl I first loved told me before I was like Holden from Catcher in the Rye. His character's name in Mindhunter was Holden. In that fight, a gold circle is reflecting light off the water and forming the 8 of infinity. The infinity sign. And I view the digit 8 as the symbol for infinity as I've blogged about in /may when I got out of jail and assigned meaning to all 10 digits.

The conflict of Neo and Smith, or Christ and Satan, is infinite and part of the self-learning algorithm of God in my theories.

Elam vs. Elon is the best I can come up with in terms of the Antichrist right now. The Christ was not Jesus's birthname but was given to him. He earned it for being the annointed one. As I've shown in my book, Elam and Neo are connected. Neo Anderson can be translated to the New Son of Man, because "neo" means "new" and "ander" means "man" like the word neanderthals. Neo's ship is called the Nebuchadnezzar which is straight out of the Holy Bible. Not only that, but in researching Elam I just discovered "Elam's military ascendancy ended, however, with the renewal of Babylonian power during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar I (1125-1104 B.C.E.)" "Matrix" is written all over the treadmills I see at Gold's Gym. The problems I had in my Google and Meta interviews were considered "Matrix" problems which are arrays within arrays. My only way out of this Matrix may be to lean into that Matrix excercise equipment and solve those Matrix problems to get an actually good job and create my empire of Cloudland, as a ripped Elam.

It's interesting as well that in my article called infoverse I suggested how a forcefield would be developed to stop incoming attacks. I've experimented with my thoughts and devoted hours to trying to think of a way to invent a forcefield. Neo's main power in the Matrix 4 is to block attacks with his forcefield and I believe that's my best power as well if I have any because I've actually devoted my mind to thinking about it as a realistic possibility. I've also written a song about flying. I've also flown in my lucid dreams.

Today I was reading 12 rules for Life by Jordan Peterson and one of the rules is to set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world. I aim to do that. He also shared a brilliant quote from Carl Jung that, "A tree cannot grow to Heaven unless it's roots go all the way to Hell". And that to me means you have to know your own capacity for evil before you can know your capacity for good, and they stretch together, like Smith and Neo's powers balancing out the equation. Look at the upside down crosses artwork I was drawn to on /motivation and see my brush with evil. The artist is named Eli and I found him while looking for aliens for my dj aliens music app. He said I could use his artwork after I stole it and told him about it, but he asked me to ask next time. The Book of Elam might not exist if not for the movie "The Book of Eli", and my website wouldn't be the same without Eli's artwork. I'm telling you, when you come up with your own meaning from your own life and create your own symbols and give yourself a number shape and colour , magic starts to happen. Look at when I blogged about my symbol appearing in my favorite show the Peripheral last month. And this video above I posted before I even saw the triangle and the 117. And my guardian angel's apartment number is 117. You can't make this stuff up. I even broke up with a girlfriend who had a strange connection to the Lilith that the bitchute video talks about. Don't underestimate your own magical ability and then watch what happens when you're paying attention. The eye is a divine sign and JP talks about that as well, and there is the story of Horus, a precursor to Christ, who fought Set and lost an eye. The one eye symbolism of the illuminati is evident on my true love's soundcloud picture and she's showing one eye. Also her favorite word was "Naughty" and it's illuminaughty. If Love is what matters I have to pay attention to who I loved and how it relates to my journey. Even though she is married to someone else, notice how Trinity is married in the Matrix Resurrections even though she loves Neo deep down. I believe she wouldn't be able to look me in the eye and tell me she doesn't love me, but I'm also aware that this could be my mental illness and my ego trying to protect itself. I would simply like to have coffee with her one time and see if she can look at me and say she doesn't love me. Trinity, is of course a reference to the Holy Trinity. Notice how I quickly destroy the illuminati in my book. Also notice how my chapters are in Binary, and the game that Neo is working on as a game designer in the Matrix is called Binary, and Smith is talking about Binary during their fight with the infinity sign. My greatest moment of my life I call the "Matrix blowjob" because I got the best head ever after I showed her the Matrix after she showed me the Notebook and if you put those two together it's about love, and memory loss. This is why I posited that she had my memory erased and created the illuminati. Max and Ali both mean the greatest because Max means maximum and Muhammad Ali was the Greatest of all time. The prophet Muhammad and the prophet Elam. I'm just trying to connect the dots and parse out the meaning in this life even Tolstoy found devoid of meaning. If that makes me crazy than so be it. The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do. Maxwell literally means the highest good, whether you like it or not. Matrix is a combination of Max and Tri, and it's a trick on Max, she's my Trinity. You can view it in iMax or on HBO Max or try watching Good Will Hunting by Miramax. And I was named after Maxwell Smart, so don't you dare call me stupid. I would eviscerate anyone in a debate. It'd be like Eminem in a rap battle. 8 mile would mean the infinite journey, I imagine, and my favorite song by him is My Darling. If me and my darling got back together, like in the ending of Matrix 4 when Trinity chooses Neo over her husband, it would prove that true love is real. And if it doesn't exist, I may want to spread the seed of Elam. Realistically, though I should probably just get a girlfriend. I still have a lot to learn about women, love, and family and I'm willing to fall back in love with someone new.

Peterson writes that Christ took personal responsibility for the sins of mankind because he knew his own capacity for depravity, and therefore also knew Heaven at the other end of that.

In the The Book of Elam I say Nietzsche had the best critique of Christianity but actually Jordan Peterson's analysis of the discovery of time by man creating the idea of God is a brilliant athiest explanation of the belief in God. When I'm finished with his book I will refute it.


In regards to the Saturn Cube, I've also blogged about the significance of the Black Cube and the worship of that by Islam and it's connection to the black box problem of computer science philosophy and time travel. All of my theories are coming together. My favorite things I love are helping me put the pieces together, because Adampants taught me to focus on what makes me me to stay on my path of truth, and not to get thrown off my path. Even JP talks about how our interests choose us, and not the other way around, and how that connects to God and Fate. This is all very exciting and I'm so happy to have everything making so much sense to me, even if I can't accurately articulate it yet.

Notice how the game is called "Infinite" and how that ties into everything I'm saying. That's me simply going to get a halo picture and noticing yet another synchronicity from God.

The truth is stranger than fiction. And I can go on infinitely because my knowledge comes from within. Like Eminem said in his first single, "I'm infinite, you heard of hell well I was sent from it" except I was sent from Heaven. When I just googled "Elam name" I got, "Meaning:Forever; Eternal; Tree. Elam is a boy's name of Hebrew origin. This title, meaning “forever” or “eternal,” could inspire your little one's spirituality through the infinite promise and hope in the world. In the Christian Bible, this is the name given to the grandson of Noah." Notice Carl Jung's tree quote I mentioned above about stretching to heaven with roots to hell. I'm Elam. I'm infinite. You heard of Heaven, I was sent from it.

Today I'm going to get a crystal from Ancient Elam called "Lapis-Lazuli" and guess what the crystal store is called closest to me? Matrix Energy Healing Center.


John Wick Custom Class (Post of the Month)

Play both of these at the same time and watch the COD fullscreen.

I like to name my classes after something and this one is John Wick and the gameplay matches.

There are people who are better than me at Call of Duty, but it's kind of like art to me. I try to make it look cool and win at the same time and have fun. Chess is also art if you aren't just playing to win but also playing aesthetically.

It bums me out that I can't put music to my cod gameplay and call it art because youtube will just block it.

The earlier months on this blog are pretty embarrassing looking back but w/e. I am a growing person and wiser every day. As for the conspiracy stuff, I'm still on board with all of those. Look how ridiculous it's getting.

Had a little argument with my friend about whether "asympomatic transmission" is real or not. I say it's not. I say it's ridiculous. But have fun thinking healthy people get you sick. -- Killjoy out


The Plandemic


Doctor shows that vaccine IS the disease.

You have to go on bitchute because youtube doesn't allow any doctor that tells the truth.

This guy says the vaccinated show up on bluetooth. He says it's mandatory because they want to control everyone through their phones.

No more dislikes, no more comments

Youtube not only censors someone as small as me, they also have a mandatory section of the youtube homepage dedicated to covid propaganda.

It used to be we could all pile on with the dislikes and comment our dissent.

They got rid of that in this video here, maybe we still can on others. But I think the removal of showing dislikes is huge. That's our vote. THEY TOOK AWAY OUR VOTE. It matters more than a stupid presidential vote that means nothing and is rigged. The youtube shits probably rigged too but at least you got to see the count change.

New York mayor guy is doubling down on being a dick. And what's that symbolism behind him? He's got some American flags but also some weird shit. And he's straight up firing people for not getting an experimental mRNA technology injection.

If that mayor is a real person and knows what he's doing to others I pity him and I forgive him too. I've calmed down now.



Luckily for me my Dad is a professional writer and I got him to read one of my posts and give me constructive criticism.

I'm been wondering how I'm going to handle the problem I'm facing with 2021 ending. This whole project is named under a folder called 2021 and was designed to be a year-long project. Rather than starting over with 2022, I'm going to just go back over my past posts and edit them to be more digestible for any readers I may get.

I just got 400+ views and 25+ likes and 30+ comments on my latest youtube video I made analyzing the netflix special "Don't Look Up".

I think I nailed the title but a guy commented zzzzz and he made a good point when I asked him for constructive criticism. He said I should rehearse and write a script. I'm not a professional, but he's right. When people watch me they don't want to wait for my stream of consciousness. Although I think I'm decent at that, it's obviously not as good as if I practiced it and knew where I was going.

I'd like to improve on both my videos and my writing in blog posts, and 2022 will be a year where I explore all my past ideas and focus on the presentation of them rather than the content of them. I got the content out there but I never took the time to edit it and make sure I'm not "burying the lead" like my father said.

I had a great time visiting Austin, TX and I learned a lot about self love from my dad and step-mom.



John Wick Custom Class

Play both of these at the same time and watch the COD fullscreen.

I like to name my classes after something and this one is John Wick and the gameplay matches.

There are people who are better than me at Call of Duty, but it's kind of like art to me. I try to make it look cool and win at the same time and have fun. Chess is also art if you aren't just playing to win but also playing aesthetically.

It bums me out that I can't put music to my cod gameplay and call it art because youtube will just block it.

The earlier months on this blog are pretty embarrassing looking back but w/e. I am a growing person and wiser every day. As for the conspiracy stuff, I'm still on board with all of those. Look how ridiculous it's getting.

Had a little argument with my friend about whether "asympomatic transmission" is real or not. I say it's not. I say it's ridiculous. But have fun thinking healthy people get you sick. -- Killjoy out


Mr Kitty


My best friend showed me this song today. It's the best song I've ever heard, and my cat's name was Mr. Kitty too.

Black Out Days

Awesome song from Phantogram


GTP-3 and Artificial Sapiens

Check out Dall-E 2!


Click here for a sneak peak at the technology AI uses for language.

Anything "Generative" from AI fascinates me because it means the machine is becoming creative. Telling Dall-E to "draw a cat octopus chimera" will immediately generate 100s of images of what you're describing, some of them beyond human imagination and yet we can grasp the concept and built it in the real world if we want to. "Coffee Table in the shape of a butterfly wing" or "Chair in the sytle of a fossil" Got me some incredible results with furniture designs that are breathtaking.

Also, sometimes they really nail it in a way you didn't think was possible. For Dragon Flamingo the results were terrible but there was one quality image of what it would look like if a flamingo dragon existed. Incredible stuff.

If you can feed AI enough images of Dragons for it to have an internal concept of dragon, it can now use it's dragon abstract knowledge to be creative in combining it with a flamingo or anything else.

I think Cat Jellyfish was surprisingly convincing. Looked almost evolutionarily possible somehow. Also these illustrations are convertable to emojis and that works surprisingly well too.

Anyway, eventually we will be able to code just by telling the computer what to do in the English Language with the spoken word.

Also, if AI can grasp the concept of "Dragon" it can also learn things like "Success" or "Rich" or "Happy" and then generate examples... For example if you feed it images of hot girls it can "generate" an image of a hot girl that doesn't exist. This is great because it's awesome to see lol. A better example is nice cars. When you see the nice car that doesn't exist, you can create it! It can give you ideas... It got me thinking about what a person can accomplish using this machine as opposed to the machine replacing the worker.

( The machine + the person ) > ( the machine by itself)

But in chess, when two chess supercomputers are playing each other, can a person "help" during the game? Like does Magnus Carlsen with Stockfish turned on beat stockfish? Or does he only hurt the computer?

I think it will take a longer time for computers to outproduce humans working with computers. I think a symbiosis will occur as will as a metamorphosis or rather a fusing of the two species into one. Artificial Sapiens.

The reason this is so exciting that I'm not even going to address the religious implications of what I just said is because I can imagine a cool car or a cool piece of furniture in the style of a shell you would find on the beach.

Like I think Designers and Engineers and Arcitects will use AI Generated ideas and concepts to bring in a new era of arcitecture and automobile design.

I imagine a device in the future where the user can say to the device to project the story he's telling onto the screen.

Then he can say literally anything and it will convert it into a movie / game. Then, the user can provide feedback to improve the projection in real time. Commands such as "no, no, the water was calm, not wavy" can completely change the scene and start to form a more and more accurate depiction of anything, really. The cops could use this to investigate a murder. A witness could describe something and the device can be the sketch artist and then they can positively ID the guy based on the witnesses real-time correction of the man forming into the projection. I'm saying projection but I really mean manifestation, kind of like 3D printer Sandman from Spiderman 3. A chimera of those. See you could say "Sandman from Spiderman 2" chimera with "Batman" and you'd have a 1000 epic generated ideas.


If you're designing the next Elder Scrolls game you want 4 variations of Trolls. One Fire, One Ice, one Rock, and One Etheral... You don't even have to design them. You can just get the AI to Chimera generate a cross between your bass troll model and one of your other models or just an element itself like sand or fire.

flame atronarch

Or you can hand design each troll or atronarch but at the same time eventually you halt the complexity. All Flame Atronarchs look the same. But if you let the AI generate 10 varients of Flame Atronarchs, then you don't have to do that work but yet they actually added to the complexity of the game rather than dulling it by removing the human touch. You've taken the human touch as far as you can go, but you've automated even further complexity to ai-generated creative variations.

You could even have 10 AI generated levels, and then have your game testers test all 10 and find one Gem to build upon and put the whole team to work on it. It's just tremendously exciting for humanity what's becoming possible in AI.

There are so many tasks this type of AI could be useful in. Such as coming up with a fake name, a fake comment, a fake profile, a fake news story... The applications are endless. You could even invent a new musical instrument by teaching it about each instrument and asking it to generate a new one. You could get AI generated Food that tastes better and is also potentially healthier. There's nothing AI wouldn't be able to do better if it was more advanced and widely available. ? Eh? I don't know about that last statement. Could it read a bunch of great comedy screenplays and then generate one it thinks will sell? No but it might be able to tell you if the screenplay you have in your hand is going to sell.

Eventually AI will potentially bring new species into contact with one another. A rich family in 2057 might pay to have their Dog's life extended and enhanced with a brain chip that allows it to talk. Suddenly you're in a fight with a dog at a drive through chic-fil-a and you're listening to a story on the radio about house cleaning robot worker rights.

Final example is if you fed it the names and ages and colors and sexes of all the US Presidents, then it could generate a name of the next one that matches.

The generated guess would surpass even my own guess, let's say Michael Heston, White Male 53 years old.

This would be based on limiting information, but give a project like this enough data and you could start factoring in probable presidential candidates and have a real model going. Like a smart model would only predict based on real names of alive people in current politics.

I uninfamously used deep learning to predict which players are going to "Bust" or not in fantasy football. The algorithm ended up loving players on high scoring teams with lots of touches on that team.

I'm waiting for this GPT-3 stuff to be fully available to the public and then I can think of some amazing applications for it. It's so fun to be able to change words around and watch the images get generated. Like "Baby Fox in a leather jacket playing guitar" and BAM! 100 pictures hit you with exactly that. It's amazing.


7.1.22 Check out Dall-E 2!

New COD Music Gameplay

New playstyle with sword, tomahawk, ninja gungo ghost mvp best play


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