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About me

My name is Elam.


I am a white blood cell

The beauty of my philosophy is that if you do not see the problems I see, don't worry. I view you as an equally valuable part of the body.

If you can see that the body of government and the body of Earth or whatever body we're a part of is sick, and the people around you can't seem to see it no matter what evidence you show them, you might be a white blood cell too, even if they call you a conspiracy theorist.

I'm passionate about the Orwellian causes and effects of both 9/11 and the Covid lockdowns and mandates. I believe individuals should have the liberty to choose whether or not to wear a facemask or to take a vaccine. I also believe in freedom of speech, and am against censorship of alleged misinformation. We should be allowed to decide for ourselves what is true. We don't need the thought police. I certainly don't trust the news, and the only thing I believe about the mainstream media is that they are deliberately misleading. I also believe the Illuminati runs the world and I'd sooner revolt than vote.

Everything you know is brown.

What I mean by that is I once had a psychedelic experience where I was shown a rainbow of existences, and was taught that this realm is just the brown beginning, like soil for our eternal spirits to grow in.

I try not to throw Baby Jesus out with the bathwater of organized religion.

Satanic forces within secret societies are manipulating the masses with various forms of mind control.

I do as much as heavenly possible to cure the infection by creatively spreading love and truth.

Using magic, I have given myself the name Elam, or male spelled backwards, to become the epitome of the masculine power they obviously seek to eradicate. Elam means "Eternal; Forever; Tree" and I am growing infinitely and peacefully.

I think the truth is you have to sustain both yourself and the system, because you are part of the system. Do not let yourself battle between helping yourself and helping others...

Do both.


Cloudland is the name of the city in the story I wrote about a dragonslayer.

I have a personal relationship with Jesus, but also with Lucifer.

My symbol means change for the good.

My blog updates itself to the current month, and lets you see what I was thinking about this time last year, and the year before.

"Start, then Learn" -- Andrew Kirby

Read my blog here and my book here.

I used photoshop to create that world ball.

I've also written and recorded some original music I hope you enjoy.

I sing because I think it helps the guitar

I have a knack for making catchy parts of songs.

Women are not possessions. They are birds. They should be allowed to fly wherever they want and we should be ashamed as men for ever hurting them or failing to protect them.

/music is soundcloud embed songs.

/logos automatically cycles through my music.

View more of my artwork here /Art

The Art you see is either generated by me using A.I. or Photoshop

I like gathering all of my favorite things onto my website. It's more fun than managing a facebook page. I've also written several /Reviews

Apps, games, and stories

This one app I made let's you pair images to text to create a meme. All you have to do is copy and paste the url that ends in .jpg and it will work when you click "obey"

You can click obey right away and play around with the pikachu example.

It's honestly pretty fun with nsfw images

Try my Meme Creator App or try my Pokemon Game or the God Game or read one of my Stories about Elam the Dragonslayer

Play my game Starbros or other games I've designed on /game

Chess is awesome, and the better I get at it the more awesome it becomes

I have an ELO Rating of over 2000 in both classical and rapid chess on lichess.org

Check out /chess and please let me know if you want a chess lesson, or you can watch one of my tutorials on /videos

I challenge you to a game.

Rainbow angel

I believe in faith and the power of belief and imagination so I imagine an army of rainbow angels at my disposal and they lift my spirits.

I write my blog in the name of freedom and liberty and I repect your individual liberty to do what you want and think how you want.


style web application

Covid 1984

I'm Winston Smith commiting thoughtcrime.

I'm 117 flirting with Vesper

Got my armour from God; you know it's Beskar.

Albert Einstein said, "Strive not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value."

Thank you for using your laptop

Try using your laptop next time

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Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

God Bless god