The Chronicles of Elam

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The Rock Avalanche

Elam dashed across the rocky terrain with ease and precision as the rock avalanche started to fall.

He wore a green hat like Link and he had a bow and arrow with dragonborn arrows, bloodcursed from his skyrim vr girlfriend vampire.

He loved letting her pretend to suck his blood. It tickled. You couldn't feel the pain in VR, but this avalanche was real. Elam effortlessly jumped from boulder to boulder until he reached a safe flat zone.

He readjusted his hat and turned around to get a look at the wreckage.

Several robot bees the size of dogs came up from the rubble and smoke and bee-lined to Elam with their red eyes and razer sharp mandibles.

Elam drew four heatseeking arrows at the same time and let them loose, each one finding their target.

When the one robot bee made it to Elam he had already drawn his greatsword and pulverized it with a swift swing, sending the bee flying away as it's red eyes dimmed from defeat.


The Skyhouse

The next day was Elam's birthday. He jumped out of bed, grabbed his skyboard, and jumped out the front door and went into freefall.

During the skydive, he placed his skyboard under his feet and began riding it like a hoverboard on an invisible track.

He could grind rails and jump off ramps that weren't even there, because the board had the ability to manipulate it's own impulses from gravity and space and time. The gravitime continuum.


A lion-man hunting a dragonslayer.

Meanwhile, Drexler was releasing searchers to find and destroy Elam. His top henchman was named Relik. Relik was a killer. Relik stood on a mountain's penensula, overlooking the land below like a lion king. In Fact, Relik had lion DNA, and roared louder than any person ever could.

The lion-man Relik kept his main trimmed, and wore a mask, but he had lion legs that he pranced around with, walking upright, and his guns were custom made to support his lion paws.

Relik was gray, in every sense of the word. He was gray from all the killing. All the hunting. Never stopping to rest... but he could never get Elam.

The contract for Elam's head had all but dried up at this point, but Relik took it personally that he was never able to catch him. He felt like Wiley coyote trying to catch the roadrunner, and his boss Drexler held his failure against him.


The New Dragontales

Elam was famous in cloudland for rescuing the princess from the several dragons that had kidnapped and guarded her.

But that was then, and this was now.

Elam had a few new dragons to deal with. Raef and Tbuod clouded the night sky and blocked the moon's light.

The princess was scared new dragons would come and take her away again. All the Dragons of cloudland craved beauty and shiny objects like gold. Ecnarelot was the only dragon that was leftover from the other dragontales. But he was getting older, and he recruited Raef and Tboud to be the young dragons that would attack Elam and kidnap the princess again.

Elam and Elya, the princess, had to move constantly. Elam had the local gunsmith carve "Htiaf" into his shield for verbal sorcery protection.

He was the thane of Cloudland at this point, so he managed to order the townspeople to aim all their bright lights into the sky to spot Raef who liked to attack from the stars.

Meanwhile Tboud liked to wait for a storm. When the rain came down, so did he.

But Elam, princess Elya, and Cloudland were ready.


The next day, Elam set out to slay Raef, the dragon that swirled above blocking the moonlight.

Elam's strategy was to climb the tallest building in cloudland and bring his bow and arrow to attack Raef from the watchtower.

Unfortunately, on his way up he was ambushed by Tbuod who slashed at Elam with his claws as Elam climbed the steps.

Elam absorbed the dragonclaws with his shield mounted to his back.

His shield was named Htiaf, and was made from gold dragon's treasure. Elam was quite good at slaying dragons, and was beginning to be known as Elam the Dragonslayer.

After reaching the top, he briefly looked around for Raef but could not find him swirling in the sky. Therefore, the moon was shining brightly and Elam aimed his arrow downward at Tbuod.

When he shot Tboud he used a poisonous arrow. (bloodcursed) The arrow pierced the neck of Tboud and Tboud fell from the sky paralyzed, and crashed below.

The people were outside enjoying the moonlight when they saw the dragon fall from the sky into the city streets of Cloudland. Cloudland was just above cloud level.

Relik was there in the city, and guarded the dragon with his knives from the villagers attempting to kill it. Relik waited until the dragon raised up and flew away. Then Relik started to climb the watchtower.

Elam heard him coming and jumped on his skyboard and sped to his skyhouse. Relik reached the top to find no Elam. He roared loudly, his gray mane flowing in the windy night. It was getting lengthier and he was looking more like a lion than a man at this point.

Raef was not seen that night but that meant Princess Elya was able to enjoy the moonlight and her customary stargazing.

Elam came home and took off his armour and was greeted by kisses from Elya. Then they both laid in his Cloud bed and watched the stars through the see-through glass ceiling. The house was small, but beautifully located, surrounded by air and the night. Perfectly romantic. Selah.

Rainbow Angel

Elam had recovered nicely after a weekend with Elya where they hardly left the bedroom.

He decided it was time to put his armour on and go out to slay a dragon. The bounty for the current dragon causing the most havoc was $117 million clios, but Ytrevop was a cunning beast. This dragon was brown and camouflaged with the sand and dirt it hid in. It would actually burrow beneath the ground and jump out of the sand and surprise its prey. Dirt was uncommon in Cloudland, so Elam would have to venture to St. Elsewhere, a nearby city, to find the dragon.

As Elam grabbed his sword, Elya sat there silently. She didn't beg him not to go because she trusted him and his strength, and because she had tried before to no avail. Elam was a dragonslayer, and that's what she loved about him. He slipped out the door and didn't look back.

Elam travelled to St. Elsewhere on his Mustang. The silver horse was almost metallic in its appearance. The horse neighed as Elam reached a cave where the dragon was last seen.

Elam took out an old-fashioned grenade and lobbed it into the cave. As it exploded the beast rose up from the sand and began breathing fire at Elam and Mustang. The dragon swirled into action and was much larger than Elam expected.

Elam drew his sword and dismounted from his steed. Elam charged at the dragon with his shield raised, and aimed to strike the dragon to see if his sword could piece its skin.

The dragon recoiled at Elam's charge and spun around and knocked him off his feet with a tail strike.

Elam got the wind knocked out of him, and was laying on the ground defenseless as Ytrevop went in for the kill. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Epoh, the rainbow angel, flew in between the dragon and Elam. He was a rainbow angel tasked with protecting Elam. Epoh brought with him a rainbow harp and began playing a song so beautiful the Dragon stopped preparing to breathe fire.

Elam ignored the sweet music, got on his feet and began scaling the dragon up to his head. The dragon was still mesmerized by the melodies of the rainbow angel. The sounds made colors and each note was a color of the rainbow. Epoh's rainbow scale rendered the evil dragon defenseless, and Elam reached the top of his head and plunged his sword down into its brain. the Dragon flopped over peacefully, as Elam slid off of it in style.

"Thanks for the assist, Epoh." Elam said. "Rainbow." said Epoh, and vanished.

Elam returned to his castle and Elya was there naked waiting for him with fruit. Elam smiled when he saw her perfect figure in the moonlight. THE END

The Book of Elam
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